Dear friends, family and donators...

25.07.2014 15:58:00

five months have passed by since we came back to Berlin with Samba, Absa and Fatou. Time to give you a medical update about the progress of "our" three children. 

she is doing really good! she supported both operations without any problems.
She is wearing 23 hours a day per mass made compression jacket and has regained a total mobility of her arms again.She now speaks german and french, Fatou is very funny, clever and even learned to ride a bike in 20 minutes time............she is  looking forward to starting school in Mbour in october and will travel back to Senegal with Awa (our nurse) in the middle of september 2014.

also she is doing very good. She is so courageous and does everyday her matter what! The doctors have decided that she will have to wear the fixator longer than priginally planned  since her bones need obvioulsly more time to grow together. Absa will get all the time she needs to heal completely and will stay in Berlin for some more weeks. Also she is so much looking forward to going back to school in Warang ( We are giving her all the support she needs in order to start school in Senegal with a little delay but..........well prepared....

........our Samba.......we are still praying for a miracle!
unfortunately we do not have to much good news about Samba...

He sufforred of an obstruction of the bowels, caused by the ballon of his stomach tube that punched into his bowel. Causing his bowel to cramp in itself - so to say to self destruct itself- Samba had an immrdiate operation.......his bowel where able to uncramp and are now recovering rapidly. 

This critical incident will have no effect on his health in the future since it has been traced and operated in a very first stage.
After the good to the bad news; 

Unfortunately Samba's oesophagus is not really reacting to all the operations he is getting weekly since febuary! 

Citation of his surgeons: At this stage of therapy, Samba has no chance to survive! As soon as the operations to dilate his oesophagus have a gap of more than 8/10 days the oesophagus contracts back again. This means that as soon as he goes back  to Senegal and does not recieve his weekly surgery the oesophagus will retract completly again and Samba would not be able to eat anymore..........we would then be back at the beginning........and at that point NOTHING CAN BE DONE ANYMORE!  

If Samba would have a been a german child with the same problem, the doctors would dilate his oesophagus for a period of 12 months......should nothing change until febuary 2015........his last chance to survive would be........ a very critical operation....... 

Dear Friends you can imagine that we will do EVERYTHING in our power to give Samba as much chances as he deserves and want him to have a long and happy life. This is why we made the only possible decision and will keep Samba in Berlin and medical care as long as it is necessary for a full recovery. 

Like any other child in such a situation Samba needs his MOM! We have decided to have her come to Berlin for a visit of approx. 4 weeks.

In order to make this possible we NEED YOUR HELP AND  FINANCIAL SUPPORT!

Samba's mom visit to Berlin would cost about 2000€ - 3000€ for:
- Full fare roundtrip ticket from Dakar to Berlin
- insurances (accident, illness, civil rights etc...)
- application for passport and visa
- assistance in berlin
- clothing depending on the season at her arrival


THANK YOU in advance for your financial support.........every Euro is needed.

SAGE Hospital e.V.
Berliner Bank

IBAN : DE02 1009 0000 7189 7660 03

Thank you in advance for your support.......................we need every euro you can bare!

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21.09.2014 21:26:00

Sage Hospital is a hospital for children in Senegal, West Africa, located two hours South of Dakar by car.  The hospital was renovated, extended and provided with medical and technical equipment and human resources with the help of Sage Hospital e.V., a charitable organisation set up by Cynthia Clottey and Katherina von Ballestrem in 2003.  The generous and dedicated support of private donors made the plans for the hospital a reality. The Sage Club also pledged to jointly 'adopt' the hospital organising regular events where all profits go directly to the good cause.  Everyone involved in the project does so without financial reward.

Every donation helps and goes directly to the hospital helping its estimated 700 patients a month.


This website is designed to keep you informed and updated on the progress of Sage hospital and to bring the project closer to you.

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